Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

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Protect Your Home and Family from Pests the Bell & Howell Way: Humane, Discreet, and Totally Effective

Order the Ultrasonic Pest Repeller and get rid of your pests once and for all!

Ever feel like your back door is actually the final frontier? If your yard is a wilderness of animal intrusion, you’ve been waiting for the Bell & Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller (now available in Canada). Without animal cruelty or disturbance to your family, the Solar Animal Repeller keeps critters small and large away permanently. Through a high-frequency ultrasonic signal, animals are urged away by the false threat of danger. And while it can detect motion and emit sound from up to 30 feet, the repeller can’t be heard by human ears.

Day and night, the Solar Animal Repeller Canada detects animals using infrared technology. And, because it relies on solar power you can count on the Solar Animal Repeller to keep you safe from rabies, disease, and toppled trashcans any time. Rodents like mice and rats, as well as woodland animals like chipmunks and rabbits may have treated your yard like a buffet in the past, but now you can fight back in a humane way. Even deer who like to devour beautiful gardens will head for the hills when detected.

Unlike products that use harsh chemicals and traps dangerous to your family, the Bell & Howell Solar Animal Repeller Canada is people safe and blends in with the beauty of your yard to become virtually invisible. Forest green, it comes with materials to either mount in your garden or yard, or right to a tree trunk. And unlike alternative measures (imagine the cost and unsightliness of installing an electric fence), you won’t lose any visibility. Designed with harsh climates in mind, the Solar Animal Repeller can stand up to the elements just as well as it stands up to wildlife.

You’d do anything to protect your family from the disease and aggression of pests, especially when it comes to outdoor picnics and barbeques. But everyday annoyances can pile on plenty of stress too, and those vicious raccoons spilling the garbage are just as bad as the neighbors’ dog using your flowerbed as a washroom. Luckily, the Solar Animal Repeller keeps out all unwanted creatures, great and small.  Because it’s effective and safe to use on neighborhood pets, some happy customers report restored relationships with neighbors after resolving disputes over animal waste. (Unfortunately, it can’t keep away pesky neighbors!)

Durable, reliable, and just plain smart, the Bell & Howell Solar Animal Repeller is simpler and more effective in both short and long-term protection than other products of its kind. While a $60 value, you can get your discreet animal repeller online for $29.95—a pretty good value for a lot of peace of mind.


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